Animal Welfare Society of Andros

A temporary home for street dogs in Chora

How everything started

The history of the island’s animal welfare association began when 3 dogs were found in 2016 and a place was needed to house them until a new home could be found for them.

Athina Papadopoulou, who was on the local council at the time and was responsible for the street animals, found the land belonging to the municipality and started transforming it with a friend from France.

The animal welfare society “Andros Love For the Animals” (ALFA), which was then founded, has a lot of members and around 10 permanent volunteers caring for the dogs by providing food, water, walks and cuddles.

The high peak was in 2017 when there were 22 dogs in the refuge at the same time. Over the years more than 300 dogs were already successfully rehomed from there.

What's currently done

Besides the current dogs’ care the association and it’s volunteers also

  • feed cats in different areas
  • do educational work in schools, mostly primary schools, and organise professionals to inform even better and more soundly (like a dog trainer with her 3 dogs)
  • organisation and mediation work with the mayor to continue to secure the cost of food for the street animals
  • make sure that animal welfare laws are respected and report violations to the police
  • collect donations to carry out repair and improvement work at the refuge in Chora
  • transport found and partly injured animals to the vet, volunteers partly care for them in their own homes
  • do everything humanly possible to find a nice new home for all animals

Several large cat neutering campaigns have also been organised with volunteer vets from Athens. As there is currently a contract again with the local veterinarian and the municipality, she is now responsible for neutering the street cats that are brought to her.