Contribute - Become a part of the magic

Without your support, helping so many animals at Magic Mountain would be impossible, both financially and physically. So what can you do?

From your couch

You don’t even have to move to support us. A very simple way to support us is to share our social media posts to increase our audience reach and therefore the possibility of our dogs being discovered by their new family.

Financial support helps us cover the monthly costs of food, medication and veterinary care. For regular monthly sponsorships, we offer a variety of donation levels on Patreon. Regular support helps us to calculate better so that we can help even more animals quickly if necessary. In addition, many animals belong permanently to the Magic Mountain family and cause a not-inconsiderable amount of fixed monthly costs, which we are happy to cover with sponsorships.
Of course, monthly or one-off donations are also possible via Paypal, Crowdfunder or our bank account. Check our donation page for all the options.

Make your valuable time count

Whether it’s right after graduation, during the semester break or in a sabbatical year: you have a few weeks off and don’t really know what to do? Use your time meaningfully and support us as a volunteer at Magic Mountain. 

Experience the wonderful green island landscape of Andros and combine the meaningful with the beautiful. Not only do we benefit from your work, but you will also be able to grow and take a few things with you for your future life.

On holiday on Andros

Are you already on Andros or planning a holiday on the island? Come and visit us at Magic Mountain and get to know our four-legged friends in person. Convince yourself of the magic of the place and look from your accommodation over the mountains whitewashed orange by the sunset in the evening. To finance our work, we offer two different types of accommodation for guests via Airbnb. The location is particularly interesting for hikers.


If you notice animal abuse on Andros, please do not hesitate to inform the police: +30 2282 022300

We know that it is not so tempting to deal with the police on holiday, but especially in the north and south of the island, we are rather rare, so we, and especially the animals, depend on your help.